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News Update 
Burton Lazars Village Hall

Village Hall

USCIS Offices Reopening 'On or After June 4' - Fredrikson & Byron   Fredrikson & Byron, P.A.With the relaxing of the Coronavirus rules, the Village Hall is now re-opening and many User Groups are starting to return.  One of the first is the Wednesday evening Keep Fit Sessions:

The "Rule of Six" still applies for the moment, but from the middle of June the following Village Hall social events should be possible:

   Plus the monthly Saturday Coffee Morning, on 3rd July.
Put these dates in your diary!

We appreciate that many people may be reluctant to attend potentialy crowded venues, so we have arranged for a major expansion and enhancement to our outside facilities, which will provide extra covered area for relaxing and dining if required.  This should be available by the middle of June.

We will confirm all the arrangements by the end of May by an email distribution, on the Burton Lazars website, and via the Burton Lazars Village Life Facebook page. We will then be in a position to take firm bookings for the Sunday Lunch.

I'm sure people will be confident enough to return to the Hall for these events, as I know that everyone is eager to get back to an active social life as soon as possible.

Private Parties
We are already getting a number of inquiries for private parties later in the year.  The Hall is an ideal venue for childrens parties and other family celebrations. 

Accommodating up to 100 people, it has ideal kitchen facilities. audio/visual equipment, and a variety of table sizes and arrangements.

If you are new to the area, and not familiar with the Hall please ask for a visit - we would be only too glad to show you around.

Burton Lazars Lottery
Winners of the Burton Lazars Lottery for 2020 are as follows:

100   No.115  Jim Boyland, New Rd
50    No. 43   Robin Jones,  Norfork Dr

100   No.183   Graham Madeley, Warwick Drive
50    No   97    Rolland Durrance, Child Cl

100   No. 117  Wayne and Louise Hickling, New Rd
50    No. 89     Adrian March, c/o New Rd

100   No.114   Bob & Gill McCord, Melton Rd
50    No.106   Siena & Zara Brown, Cross :Ln

100   No 10     Barbara Gill, Lime St
50    No.13     Mary & Ian Chappell, Cross Lane

100    No.47     Janet King, Racecourse Lane 
50     No. 78    Paddy Knapp, Cross Lane

100    No.72     Marjorie Shaw, Framland Dr, MM
50     No. 127  Garth Kirk,  New Road

100    No.87      Bob & Gill McCord, Melton Rd
50     No. 141   Garth Kirk, New Road

100    No. 11     Brenda Hall, Browning Cl, MM
50     No.  74    Ian & Renia Rushin, Cross Lane

100    No. 158   Kay Bell, Barnards Cl
50     No.  62     Alistair & Linda Ewart, Peppers Lane

100    No. 144  Mike and Sarah Walker, Melton Rd
50     No.  190  Joyce Hazard, Cross Lane

100    No.  99      Betty Giddens, Marteg Cl
50     No.  140    Margaret Cox, Sussex Ave

Special Christmas Bonus Prize
100    No. 191     Joyce Hazard, Cross Lane

Lottery 2021
The Lottery continues for 2021, and our congratulations this year go to:

100   No. 87  Bob & Gill McCord, Melton Rd
50     No. 62  Alistair & Linda Ewart, Peppers Lane

100   No. 153  Nigel & Carolyn Birch, Melton Rd
50     No. 102  Phil & Lorraine Green, Lime St

100   No. 28  Pam & Mitch Farquharson, Peppers Lane
50     No. 126 Richard & Ingrid Kemm. New Rd
Special Easter Draw
100  No 140 Margaret Cox, Sussex Ave

100 Prize  No.  190  Joyce Hazard, Cross Lane
50   Prize  No.    54   John & Christine Brady, Burton Rd

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