St. James Church has served the village of Burton Lazars since the eleventh century. The village is located in a prominent position alongside the busy A606 road to Oakham some one and a half miles from Melton Mowbray. The earliest part of the church is contemporary with the oldest remains of St Mary’s Church in Melton Mowbray. The main body of the church is in the later Norman style and is probably an enlargement of an earlier and smaller church. Here are the remains of an altar and piscine in each aisle of the nave and an islet can be seen on either side of the chancel arch, which may have originally have supported a rood screen. The chancel was rebuilt in the 20th century and the altar is one which served St Mary’s in Melton Mowbray for many years. The font is attributed to the latter part of the 14th century and is surprisingly in a perfect state of preservation.

Two bells are hung from the curious but handsome little bell turret at the west end of the church.

The twenty foot high Georgian memorial in the churchyard was erected to the memory and vanity of a local man, William Squires, and is adorned with carved figures representing Life, Death, Time, Faith, Hope and Charity, as well as a stone globe of the world.

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